The remarkable success of a MSc student in the first Virtual Summer School on “Sustainable Agriculture”

Ms Syedeh Saeedeh Ghadirinejad Postgraduate student in Plant Protection (Entomology) was able to successfully complete most of the course’s held at the first Summer School of Sustainable Agriculture and received 6 certificates from the TU-Ilmenau (Representative of EU in the Erasmus+ project entitled: Fostering Internationalization in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and Russia [FARmER]). According to the statements of Dr. Kalantari (the project’s technical manager

at SANRU), the course was held internationally within July 1-14, 2019 in collaboration with the European Union. In this event considerable number of Iranian, Russian, European and Arab students participated and a valid certificate from the representative of the European Union (TU-Ilmenau) was awarded for those attending the course examination and obtaining over 50% of the total score for each course.  It should be noted that the academic members from different universities in Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Russia and Iran participated in this course for providing educational resources.  Ms. Seyedeh Saeedeh Qadiri Nejad received the following certification

a. Applications of mechatronics in Agro-engineering
b. Mechatronics application in Bio-systems
c. Sustainable Energy Production and Management in Rural Areas
d. Energy efficiency in agricultural production
e. Ecological aspects of agro machinery
f. Innovative Technologies in farming and post harvesting
g. Digital Agriculture