The short course for getting acquainted with academic discipline of “AgroMechatronics” from 8 to 13 February was held for Agricultural students of JAME University-Herat (Afghanestan) in Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University. The course content was divided into three parts: theory, practice and visit, which are as follows. Time schedule of the whole program can be downloaded from the link given below.

Course goals:

  1. To familiarize all students of agriculture with agro-mechatronics.
  2. Introducing new and intelligent systems in modern agriculture.
  3. Applying new concepts such as artificial intelligence and neural network in identifying and diagnosing plant diseases and food quality.

Academic level of course participants and prerequisite concepts:
The concepts of this course are designed to apply to all undergraduate agricultural students with basic knowledge of agricultural science and agricultural basics.

Course content:
The course is designed in three parts: theory, practice and visit.

Course of Theory: Applied theory concepts including familiarizing students with the automation of industrial equipment, agriculture, food industry and pneumatic and hydraulic components of automated control systems, proximity sensors, controllers, robotics in agriculture, artificial intelligence and Hyperspectral Imaging in quality assessment of agricultural products and food.
Practical Course: Practical work in advanced and equipped Agro-mechatronics lab, visiting agricultural equipment factory, visiting large mechanized fields (e.g., visiting Agro-industry Complex of Dashtanaz)
Visiting plan: Visiting the cultural and touristic centers of Mazandaran province

Time Schedule: The schedule of the one-week training course is presented in the following table.