General information

    The project focuses on the modernization and harmonization of Higher Education systems in the field of agro-engineering according to Lisbon Strategy and Bologna process in Russian and Iranian Universities.

    The first specific objective is to develop a curriculum for a new “Agromechatronics” Masters program.

    The second specific objective is to create an educational network through the e-learning WEB portal (based on the Sakai platform). This will enhance collaborative work and modernize the traditional teaching concepts through the use of these new communication technologies.

    The third specific objective of the project is to create laboratory practices, including their adaption into the e-learning system, helping to enhance practical skills five Russian and two Iranian universities.

    The fourth specific objective of the project is to organize annual online summer school “Sustainable Agriculture” among Partner universities. The Summer School will offer a variety of academic courses and will be designed for any motivated person; students, PhD’s, and young researchers from any field, provided they have an interest in agriculture.

    During the three-year long life cycle of the project, the members of the consortium will create a strong partnership in order to build an educational network between EU, Russian and Iranian Universities aimed at the international recognition of the degree.

Wide project objectives:

1)To promote modernization and internationalization of the HE in IR and RU;

2) To create an educational program at an international level fostering regional integration and interregional cooperation to provide better opportunities for future knowledge exchange;

3) To contribute to the networking and cooperation among HEI and non-academic partners in the EU, Russia and Iran;

4) To update and develop innovative institutional capacities in RU-IR Universities;

5) To raise the attractiveness of agrarian education and encourage the development of new initiatives and employment (youth, unemployed and women) in rural area.

Specific objectives:

1) To develop a curriculum for a new “Agrmechatronics” Master’s program;

2) To establish a multinational cooperation network by development a web-based educational network;

3) To enhance the innovation capacity of PP universities by upgrading facilities used for gaining practical skills;

4) To establish an online summer school “Sustainable Agriculture” among partner universities

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